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Loving tea

This tea is a specially selected blend with Luxury Black Ceylon tea, sweetened cranberries and flower petals. This unique tea comes from Sri-Lanka and grows on a level 4800-7600ft. Amazing mix of sweet Cherry and Marzipan natural flavours creating a real depth in character and gives you a real joy and pleasure with every sip. I truly love the smell of this tea,and I am sure you would love it too. Is extremely pleasant and will surely delight you and your loved ones. Perfect gift choice for someone who loves marzipan.

Caffeine;Approx between 27-35 mg per cup.

We recommend 1 teaspoon\1cup\90 or 100 degrees 

Joyful tea 

This happy tea is a  blend of dry natural fruits with warming sensual cinnamon. Perfect and beautiful mix of naturally dried Papaya pieces, naturally dried Apple and Orange with Rose and Sunflower petals. Spicy addition that adds a hint of tropical Luxury. Close your eyes, take a sip (if you can:) and let the fruity infusion and spicy natural flavours transport you to your own magical place in the sun. You will be surprised by the smile that will appear on your face.

Tea is decaf, with a reddish colour and fruity slightly sweet taste and cinnamon finish.

Vegetarian and Vegan adaptable

We recommend 1teaspoon\1cup\ 90 degrees 

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