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Water is very important! We actually have to use our tap water and some city water can have a nice taste. But the most important thing is:don’t use already boiled water! 

Why? It has a very flat taste, it’s probably of lower level of oxygen. Water temperature should be around 90`if we use black tea and colder if we want to brew green or white one. The whiter and greener the tea, the more delicate the leaf is and the more tender the cell structure. If we are talking about loose leaf tea, the second thought is an infuser. What if we would use our pot as an infuser? Just try to imagine that leaves are like you waking up in the morning trying lazily to stretch out your body. We want the same for them. We want our little leaves to stretch out and unfurl, moisten and expand. We don’t want to cook the tea! Just let them swing gently in the water, and this is a very adorable show. I like to mix leaves with a teaspoon and watch it. It can be very relaxing 😌. During this process flavors come to life and the nutritional benefits are extracted.

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