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  1. Some tea bags are made of plastic. When placed into boiling water could leak harmful phthalates into your tea. Other bags can be sealed with glue and are traditionally bleached white to make them more saleable. You can use an infuser with loose leaf tea and treat yourself without interruption.
  2. The tea leaves used in tea bags are low grade, predominantly dust and fanning from broken down tea leaves. When broken tea leaves are steeped, they can also release a plethora of tannins which create a harsh tasting flavor.
  3. Tea bags have quick brewing time but Loose leaf tea keeps full and subtle flavor and is less bitter and stays fresh longer.
  4. Whole loose leafs are packed with antioxidants and claim to provide a number of health benefits 
  5. Traditional tea bags prevent tea leaves from unfurling to their true potential during infusion 
  6. Loose leaf tea can be reinfused several times which can result in more quality for less cost. 
  7. Freshness of tea bags can be problematic as they are mass produced on an industrial scale and can remain on the supermarket shelves for numerous months.(photo)

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